Saturday, March 27, 2010

Virtual Assistant Award!

Wow, I was nominated the VAccolade award this week . . . I am honored! Thank you to my VA colleagues!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saving Your Bottom Line with a Virtual Assistant

Not sure what you are looking for exactly, but know you need office help? Let’s brainstorm for a moment.


  • Someone who can help streamline your workload

  • An assistant who can help you to organize your administrative tasks and get them completed in a timely manner

  • An individual who can help keep you away from your desk and computer and free up your time for more important things

  • A professional who is serious about the success of your business

  • A regular in-house employee

  • To provide employee-related benefits such as insurance, sick time, and vacation time

  • To provide office space, equipment, and paying for overtime

  • The additional hassles of having an employee (personal issues, calling in sick, paying for downtime)

  • To have someone 24/7


One of the best solutions to your dilemma is to team up with a virtual assistant. If you were to hire a regular employee – whether it is part-time or full-time – you will find yourself dealing with a lot of extra costs and hassles (many have been mentioned above). Bringing years of experience and knowledge to the table, a virtual assistant strives to reduce your stress level and become your right-hand person!

It’s not only cost-effective, but a VA can play a vital role to the success of your business. The possibilities are endless!

Michelle Jasper is owner of Admin Café, a virtual assistant business providing professional support to a variety of small business owners. Contact information:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Guide to Virtual Assistant Services

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant
One of the latest trends in business today is the outsourcing of office related tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA can be extremely cost-effective and can improve the efficiency of your business, which saves you time and money.

Imagine being able to off-load all those daily tasks that you just never seem to find the time for. Imagine not having to go through the hiring process and not having to pay the fees associated with hiring an employee. Imagine having a dedicated VA that you can count on to complete the assigned tasks, thus allowing you more freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

Hiring a VA allows you to cut down on employee costs; you can double your resources without hiring an employee; you can get a better quality of work since the VA runs their own business; you have no liability for common expenses like social security, medicare, and worker's compensation.

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business
VA's can complete many different tasks; just about anything you can think of, they can do. Most VA's focus on office and secretarial type duties. Depending upon your needs and the skill level of the VA, you can have this person work on more technical tasks such as marketing and sales. Here is a short list of tasks that a VA can do for your business:

- Bookkeeping
- Billing
- Word Processing
- Data Management
- Website Maintenance
- E-Mail Management
- Internet Research
- Writing Reports
- Monthly Statements
- Invoicing
- Proofreading/ Editing
- Copywriting
- Scheduling/ Travel Arrangements
- Client Screening
- Mail Processing
- Sales
- Appointment Setting
- Event Planning
- Newsletters
- Personal Planning (car service, household maintenance, etc.)

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Virtual Assistant
It's a good idea to talk with several different VA's to get a feel for the services they offer, the rates they charge, and how well you connect with their personality. Here are some sample questions to ask when interviewing potential VA's:

- What is your relevant background experience?
- Do you have any certifications?
- What programs and software applications are you trained in?
- Do you charge a flat rate per project or hourly?
- Do you charge a retainer fee?
- Is there a minimum amount of hours required per contract?
- Are you available for short-term and/or long-term projects?
- What services (general office, legal, real estate, marketing, website design) do you specialize in?