Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Is A Virtual Assistant And How Could One Help Your Business?

Imagine having someone to take care of all the details of your business for you. The things you never get done or the tedious little things that keep you from the more important items on your list. Imagine that this person is better at the administrative details than you are, and can do them faster. She can do your spreadsheets, organize virtually anything and keep your calendar. Virtual Assistants can plan your speaking engagements and even track your sales.

Now, imagine that this person can brainstorm with you, can understand your vision and help you get there. She works in her own office from her own home, with her own equipment and her own health care plan, and you can negotiate to work with her for as much or as little as you need her. You don't have to have her sitting around any extra hours if you don't need her!

Voila! Meet the virtual assistant.

Basically, a VA is an independent business owner who provides administrative support services virtually via phone and internet. It’s like an office manager who doesn’t work in your office.

Your VA relationships can be some of the most rewarding business relationships you’ll ever have.

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5 Fun Facts About Candy Hearts

1. A Sweet Tradition
Today’s best-selling Valentine’s Day candy dates back to 1902. Chances are you’ve bought the pastel sugar Sweethearts made by the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) with cute sayings ranging from “Ura Star” to all “All Mine.” Over the years, the “Marry Me” heart has been combined with an engagement ring for wedding proposals.

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2. Conversation Hearts are in High Demand
Production for conversation hearts starts right after Valentine’s Day and runs through mid-January the following year. Throughout the year, about 100,000 pounds a day are produced. They sell out in just 6 weeks.

3. They Weren’t Always Hearts
Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like hearts…or postcards, baseballs, horseshoes and watches, which were included in the first batch of conversation candies in 1902.

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4. Fax Me…
was the first updated saying added to the conversation hearts lineup in the early 1990’s. Each year new phrases like “E-mail Me” are added to the traditional mix that include "Be Mine," "Be Good," Kiss Me," and -- of course -- "Sweet Talk."

5. All New Phrases for 2010
For the first time in 145 years, NECCO has discarded all previous phrases on its Sweethearts candies and will unveil new phrases for 2010. The new expressions of love were voted on by the American public. One of the new phrases… Tweet Me. NECCO has even created an iPhone application that will let you send your lover personalized digital Sweethearts to be displayed on his or her Twitter page. Check out our list of conversation heart sayings over the years.

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