Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Created Using WordPress

 I have recently worked with two different clients on creating a website using the Thesis theme and a blog with WordPress.com:


The Thesis theme is really great, very customizable. I hope to update my own website soon using this theme!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Virtual Assistant Services That Matter In Business Growth

Currently in the realm of business, time matters more than ever. People are much more aware of how valuable time is, living in a fast-paced modern world. Everyone wants to earn money and most just have time to spare. For any person engaging in business, time is equated to money. When you lose time, you lose money. This is why any businessman or woman will seek for something that makes transactions fast and efficient. This is where a particular business will have to find the services of a virtual assistant.

There are business solutions firms and companies that provide this kind of service. They aim on simplifying the course of work in the business while amplifying development. They can provide assistance with the daily qualms of administrative work. While virtual assistants do these tasks, a business owner can focus on other needs of the business for it to grow.

Virtual assistant services are carried out through the new line of communication in the possibility of the internet. As business takes in the virtual world, so are people willing to go beyond setting business goals. Emails, video calls and other online communication tools play essential roles with regards to deals and transactions needed to be done. Services generally include data entry, research, and customer support, but may not be exclusive to these tasks. Link building, content writing, and other online secretarial tasks are also provided for. These can only mean overcoming office service work by hiring virtual assistants.

While time is what is at stake, doing business in a fast and efficient way can be very ideal for the industry. Nevertheless, what will make it better is when the business is manned by people who have the same vision as the business owner. In this sense, getting the job done in its best quality is satisfied naturally. This can only happen when the business is dedicated in pursuing more chances for more opportunities for everyone that is involved. It will allow the business to grow along with the people behind it.

It cannot be denied that virtual assistant services mean hard work and a great deal of expertise wrought from experience and research. These services live by the given notion that people seek support in running a business because engaging in this outwearing endeavor cannot be that easy. There are always people who specialize in this area and acquiring their help can be the sole reason to save and develop a business. It will take a lot of time, but time can take its toll as long as it means earning profits.

Article posted online:  http://www.millionairebooks.net/virtual-assistant-services-that-matter-in-business-growth/

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Virtual Assistant Award!

Wow, I was nominated the VAccolade award this week . . . I am honored! http://bit.ly/d1Jl3S Thank you to my VA colleagues!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saving Your Bottom Line with a Virtual Assistant

Not sure what you are looking for exactly, but know you need office help? Let’s brainstorm for a moment.


  • Someone who can help streamline your workload

  • An assistant who can help you to organize your administrative tasks and get them completed in a timely manner

  • An individual who can help keep you away from your desk and computer and free up your time for more important things

  • A professional who is serious about the success of your business

  • A regular in-house employee

  • To provide employee-related benefits such as insurance, sick time, and vacation time

  • To provide office space, equipment, and paying for overtime

  • The additional hassles of having an employee (personal issues, calling in sick, paying for downtime)

  • To have someone 24/7


One of the best solutions to your dilemma is to team up with a virtual assistant. If you were to hire a regular employee – whether it is part-time or full-time – you will find yourself dealing with a lot of extra costs and hassles (many have been mentioned above). Bringing years of experience and knowledge to the table, a virtual assistant strives to reduce your stress level and become your right-hand person!

It’s not only cost-effective, but a VA can play a vital role to the success of your business. The possibilities are endless!

Michelle Jasper is owner of Admin Café, a virtual assistant business providing professional support to a variety of small business owners. Contact information: http://www.admincafe.net

Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Guide to Virtual Assistant Services

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant
One of the latest trends in business today is the outsourcing of office related tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA can be extremely cost-effective and can improve the efficiency of your business, which saves you time and money.

Imagine being able to off-load all those daily tasks that you just never seem to find the time for. Imagine not having to go through the hiring process and not having to pay the fees associated with hiring an employee. Imagine having a dedicated VA that you can count on to complete the assigned tasks, thus allowing you more freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

Hiring a VA allows you to cut down on employee costs; you can double your resources without hiring an employee; you can get a better quality of work since the VA runs their own business; you have no liability for common expenses like social security, medicare, and worker's compensation.

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business
VA's can complete many different tasks; just about anything you can think of, they can do. Most VA's focus on office and secretarial type duties. Depending upon your needs and the skill level of the VA, you can have this person work on more technical tasks such as marketing and sales. Here is a short list of tasks that a VA can do for your business:

- Bookkeeping
- Billing
- Word Processing
- Data Management
- Website Maintenance
- E-Mail Management
- Internet Research
- Writing Reports
- Monthly Statements
- Invoicing
- Proofreading/ Editing
- Copywriting
- Scheduling/ Travel Arrangements
- Client Screening
- Mail Processing
- Sales
- Appointment Setting
- Event Planning
- Newsletters
- Personal Planning (car service, household maintenance, etc.)

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Virtual Assistant
It's a good idea to talk with several different VA's to get a feel for the services they offer, the rates they charge, and how well you connect with their personality. Here are some sample questions to ask when interviewing potential VA's:

- What is your relevant background experience?
- Do you have any certifications?
- What programs and software applications are you trained in?
- Do you charge a flat rate per project or hourly?
- Do you charge a retainer fee?
- Is there a minimum amount of hours required per contract?
- Are you available for short-term and/or long-term projects?
- What services (general office, legal, real estate, marketing, website design) do you specialize in?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Is A Virtual Assistant And How Could One Help Your Business?

Imagine having someone to take care of all the details of your business for you. The things you never get done or the tedious little things that keep you from the more important items on your list. Imagine that this person is better at the administrative details than you are, and can do them faster. She can do your spreadsheets, organize virtually anything and keep your calendar. Virtual Assistants can plan your speaking engagements and even track your sales.

Now, imagine that this person can brainstorm with you, can understand your vision and help you get there. She works in her own office from her own home, with her own equipment and her own health care plan, and you can negotiate to work with her for as much or as little as you need her. You don't have to have her sitting around any extra hours if you don't need her!

Voila! Meet the virtual assistant.

Basically, a VA is an independent business owner who provides administrative support services virtually via phone and internet. It’s like an office manager who doesn’t work in your office.

Your VA relationships can be some of the most rewarding business relationships you’ll ever have.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/organizational-articles/what-is-a-virtual-assistant-and-how-could-one-help-your-business-1826409.html

5 Fun Facts About Candy Hearts

1. A Sweet Tradition
Today’s best-selling Valentine’s Day candy dates back to 1902. Chances are you’ve bought the pastel sugar Sweethearts made by the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) with cute sayings ranging from “Ura Star” to all “All Mine.” Over the years, the “Marry Me” heart has been combined with an engagement ring for wedding proposals.

Plus: 13 Things Your Florist Won't Tell You

2. Conversation Hearts are in High Demand
Production for conversation hearts starts right after Valentine’s Day and runs through mid-January the following year. Throughout the year, about 100,000 pounds a day are produced. They sell out in just 6 weeks.

3. They Weren’t Always Hearts
Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like hearts…or postcards, baseballs, horseshoes and watches, which were included in the first batch of conversation candies in 1902.

Plus: Top 10 Aphrodisiacs for Valentine's Day

4. Fax Me…
was the first updated saying added to the conversation hearts lineup in the early 1990’s. Each year new phrases like “E-mail Me” are added to the traditional mix that include "Be Mine," "Be Good," Kiss Me," and -- of course -- "Sweet Talk."

5. All New Phrases for 2010
For the first time in 145 years, NECCO has discarded all previous phrases on its Sweethearts candies and will unveil new phrases for 2010. The new expressions of love were voted on by the American public. One of the new phrases… Tweet Me. NECCO has even created an iPhone application that will let you send your lover personalized digital Sweethearts to be displayed on his or her Twitter page. Check out our list of conversation heart sayings over the years.

Sources: NECCO.com, Usatoday.com and Mashable.com

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Have A Dream . . .

In remembrance,

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Friday, January 15, 2010

Three Best Ways to Use Social Media

By Willa Plank

How else can we say it: Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as tools to promote your services and products online. According to a recent survey of 148 private companies by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, 43% say social media is "very important" to their business and marketing strategy, 52% are tweeting and 45% are blogging.

But don't feel pressured to jump in quickly and create a profile on every site. First, decide if it's right for your company. "Are you a social organization?" says Simon Salt, CEO of integrated marketing communications agency IncSlingers. "Everyone seems to know to have a Facebook page or a Twitter [account]. Is that what your business is about?"

For instance, a Facebook fan page probably doesn't make sense for a business-to-business outfit, says Neal Schaffer, author of "Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn." And companies that target older or retired customers might benefit more from direct-mail campaigns, or even knocks on doors. "Don't believe the hype," Schaffer says. "Understand what fits your business."
If you've decided to incorporate social media, remember that YouTube videos, blog posts and status updates are just a part of your entire marketing arsenal. Here are three best ways to use social media.

  1. Stand out by trying less-crowded or up-and-coming social-media sites. Everyone knows about Facebook fan pages. But if you're a neighborhood business that relies on local clientele, you might want to consider Foursquare or Gowalla, which combine elements of other social-networking sites (Twitter, Facebook or Yelp) to help spread word of establishments and provide rewards to encourage customer loyalty. John Jantsch, author of "Duct Tape Marketing," suggests trying underutilized networks that cater to business owners, such as Biznik and BizSugar. If you're strapped for time, at least maintain a blog that provides good content and answers consumer questions, he says. Or create quick, educational YouTube videos that – along with a blog – are more likely to come up higher in keyword searches. Samir Balwani, contributor to social-media news blog Mashable, suggests creating your own social network at Elgg.org.

  2. Don't expect instant sales, but make sure to get actual results. Social media is more about brand outreach. Make sure you have a reasonable goal and a well-thought out strategy to achieve that end. First, listen to what is being said about your business and competitors on Google alerts, RSS queries, Twitter, Yelp and BackType. Make sure you have your profile account names on all print communications you distribute, such as flyers and menus. Identify your biggest fans, and figure out how to organize them or point them out in some way. For example: On Twitter, if you know a person is a loyal customer, mention them in a post or announce a free service or product they've won for loyalty. Or reach out to other bloggers in your industry. Sarah Endline, founder of dark chocolate treat maker Sweetriot in New York, said she connected with blog site Hungry Girl and that lead to getting her company's name out and sales.

  3. Don't forget social media is a tool to strengthen offline relationships. Many small businesses already have personal ties to customers in their communities, and these tools are designed to enhance those relationships, not replace them. For instance, you can use social-media tools such as YouTube to give customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company, or display more of your personality than you can through an ad. "It also allows you to show your culture," Endline says. "They're not just there to [see] a static promotion from you. They want value." And remember, a social network is "really a big room of people," author Schaffer says. Use it to "meet" potential clients or business partners, but make sure you follow up with an in-person meeting or phone conversation.

Write to Willa Plank at willa.plank@dowjones.com

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hire A Virtual Assistant To Do Your Tweeting

Instead of doing all the tweets and writing your own tweets yourself, hire a virtual assistant to do the work for you

by Lawrence Perry

LONDON, ENGLAND -- (NewsPR.us and OfficialWire) -- 01/06/10 --

Tweeting and social media may be the biggest things to happen online for businesses in 2009. Companies can continue to benefit from social media in 2010 as long as they really pay attention to their social accounts. Because social media require a lot of time to manage, then their use is not exactly free. Time costs money.

With Twitter, although the messages are short, the 140-character limit for tweets actually makes tweeting much more difficult. With only 140 characters to work with, a company must put in more careful thought into its tweets so that its marketing messages can be delivered clearly to its target market. Remember that your goal is not to get thousands of followers who are not following you at all. What you need is a good number of followers who actually read and believe what you say. This means that you really need to think how your tweets and your interaction with people will help you gain a good following and the trust of your followers. You need to be able to establish a good image online so that people will really be interested in what you have to say. There are millions of people on Twitter alone you need to make sure that what you have to say actually matters to your target market so that you gain followers.

If you want to have an active Twitter account but do not have the time to create messages or to update the blog you should hire a virtual assistant to work with you on your Twitter account.

Not all CEO or business owners have the time nor the patience to actively participate in Twitter and other social accounts. If you are one of those CEOs who have too much work than they have time for, it could be more detrimental for your business if you do the tweeting yourself. If you hire a representative to work on your Tweets, then twitter can really boost your sales and your online image.

Hiring a virtual assistant to work on your tweets is also very cost-effective as it doesn’t take a lot of money to hire and maintain a virtual assistant.

Visit our virtual personal assistant sponsor: @catchfriday