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How To Use Virtual Assistant Services To Develop A Business

As we move into the new year 2010, I am moving to the next level to promote my virtual assistant business. You may know someone who can use my services, please share my website, Dena's Tools and Tips.
How To Use Virtual Assistant Services To Develop A Business

Ten Virtual Assistant Tasks


If you are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant but do not know exactly how you can take full advantage of their time, here is a simple list of tasks that a virtual assistant can do for you
by Lawrence Perry

LONDON, ENGLAND -- ( and OfficialWire) -- 12/22/09 --

Search Engine Optimization- the virtual assistant can really help a business in its search engine optimization. Link building and article marketing and the other tasks involved in SEO are very time-consuming. A virtual assistant can make it easier for your business to improve your search ranking by putting in all the necessary work for SEO.

Marketing research- there is wealth of information available online about a wide range of topics. While in the past, people needed to go to the field to get the information they need on certain topics, today patient research online can already help individuals and businesses gain good information. You can have your virtual assistant do different kinds of online research for your business. If you need competitive intelligence, your VA can do the work for you.

Copywriting- some virtual assistants specialize in copywriting. You can hire them to create blogs, articles and other contents for your social media accounts. You can even have your virtual assistant write tweets, scripts and other texts for your business.

Appointment setting- if you are a busy business executive, the best way you can manage your time is if you have an assistant that carefully manages your appointments.

Trip planning- many business executives have their assistants plan their trips from booking plane tickets and hotels to planning the whole itinerary. The virtual assistant can plan not just business trips but vacations as well.

Event Planning- a company that is into organizing events can hire virtual assistants to help out. The virtual assistant can help in the different aspects of event planning from finding and booking locations, making invites, and booking suppliers for the event.

Social Marketing- social media marketing takes a lot of time. Hiring a virtual assistant to do all or most of the tasks means you can really focus on your social media tasks without the need to invest the time yourself.

Get important information and report on them- there is so much information being shared online and companies could really gain benefits from having someone collate important pieces of information and summarizing them.

Hiring employees- companies can use social media to get applicants and screen applicants for a job.

Monitor public perception- monitor how the public perceives your business and what you can do to manage public perception and company image.

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Why You Need A Virtual Assistant To Market Your Business

by: Diane Cullen Page

In today’s trying economy, it is extremely difficult to succeed. Small businesses and large businesses alike are facing record lows when it comes to sales. Even those in the service industry are seeing less and less clients sign up. So what’s the answer? Easy, hire a publicity virtual assistant to help with all your PR needs.

A publicity virtual assistant specializes in helping clients get more PR. They can handle everything from writing and sending out press releases to creating entire media campaigns. Their clients include authors, small businesses, online businesses, membership sites, coaches, etc. Any business that can use more publicity and marketing can benefit with a publicity virtual assistant.

Publicity virtual assistants take the time to learn their niche and to develop a relationship with their clients so that they can bring amazing results. Here are just a few of the tasks a publicity virtual assistant can help with.

Holiday marketing – A publicity virtual assistant can handle your entire holiday marketing campaign. It’s not too late to take advantage of all that can be done this year to make more sales. From social networking to writing and sending out promotional materials, a publicity virtual assistant will implement a plan unique for your business.

Article & Press Release Writing and Distribution – Article marketing works. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your business and when done right, can result in front page Google rankings, more clients, & lots of sales. Your publicity assistant can not only write your articles and releases for you, but they can help distribute them out to get the best results. Most already have a database of the best places to submit to. So turn it all over and sit back and reap the rewards.

Author Assistance - For authors, a publicity virtual assistant can help sell more books, set up speaking and book signings, create a blog tour, compose your media kit and promotional materials, etc. Even those looking to find a publisher can work with a Publicity VA and get that professional edge they need to succeed.

Google Adword Campaigns - Let your publicity virtual assistant set up your Google Adword campaign. You can benefit with added exposure, but also with the ability to see what keywords truly would bring in the best results.

Online Marketing - Need to get more press for your online shop, then look no further. A publicity virtual assistant can handle everything for you. Let them write better descriptions for your products, find the best keywords to drive traffic there, do research to find where best to locate your target audience, and then finally handle all your PR needs.

With the right publicity virtual assistant on your side, you can finally see the results you’ve been hoping for.

About The Author

Diana Ennen specializes in publicity and marketing and is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, Let her handle all your PR needs, large or small. She’s also the author of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA and So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom: A Christian’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business. Articles are free to be reprinted as long as bio remains

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Top 10 Ways an Educator Can Use a Virtual Assistant

By VAnetworking member Sherra Scott

While most services a VA offers are geared specifically to the corporate world, many times those services can be adapted to other areas. Education for instance – most people know that standing in front of a class giving a lecture is not the only thing educators do. There are countless hours behind the scenes poured into the preparation of just a single class and keeping the classroom organized. Some educators are fortunate enough to have an assistant, either paid or volunteer, to help out with that “behind the scenes” work. However, not every educator is that fortunate – that is where a VA can help. Here are ten ways an educator can use a VA.

  1. PowerPoint presentations – A VA can create a PowerPoint presentation to go along with your lecture.
  1. Typing – A VA can type letters to parents or students, the class syllabus, class handouts, labels for folders or cubbies or any other correspondence you need.
  1. Class newsletter – A VA can create a class newsletter to keep parents and students updated on the current happenings in the classroom or on campus.
  1. Update class website – Many teachers have a class website to keep parents and students updated on current class schedules and homework assignments, but how many actually update it regularly? A VA can keep the site up to date.
  1. Certificates – A VA can create certificates for end of the year awards or other special awards throughout the year.
  1. Research – A VA can do the “leg work” researching website links for supplemental material for your lecture or possible field trip destinations related to class curriculum.
  1. Spreadsheets – A VA can create a spreadsheet to record grades with a column that will automatically average the grades for you.
  1. Resume – A VA can type your resume for summer employment.
  1. Grants – A VA can assist with research or typing for education related grants.
  1. Grade papers – Mail that stack of papers you’ve been meaning to grade but haven’t had the time (with the answer key) and have your VA grade them for you. When complete the VA would put them back in the mail to you.

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*Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association
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Always Looking For Virtual Assistants

While wandering online, I've passed upon "we are looking for virtual assistants." Verily, this is a clear indication that a VA plays an important role in business development. Their dedication and commitment to serve their clients with utmost diligence and maintaining professional relations have started to show the industry that their capabilities as well as skills are indeed an indispensable ingredient for the company's success.

Generally, a business needs employees to run its internal affairs, do the selling and marketing strategy to invite and attract more clients, and managing the office works to monitor the progress of the business and to properly assess the next best move. That is how the entire system of business generally works; I said generally because not all circumstances warrant the need for a regular employee. A limited workspace can be an example. However, this minor conflict cannot and should not hinder the growth and expansion of your business. This minor conflict can be properly remedied through the aid of virtual assistants. And looking for a VA these days are quite hard and confusing because of the existence of several businesses engaged in outsourcing; but this is not really the main issue that needs urgent attention, just make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy outsourcing company of proven competence, that's it.

Virtual assistants are in the business of providing comprehensive business and office solutions, a team of individually unique and highly skilled professionals of their own fields of expertise that are always ready to accommodate any undertakings that a company needs or requires. Experts as they are, they can provide proper assistance that would streamline your company, create effective workflows and help you to trim down your operating costs without compromising business effectiveness and goodwill. VAs are always available online to cater your every business needs, helping you to achieve your business goals and desires. Companies who let their work be outsourced, or a portion thereof, actually save money and time as well, thereby allowing them to expand their operation to greater areas, and as a consequence, exposing themselves to a larger number of clients.

The presence of VAs to the business world cannot be undermined because in several research conducted, studies shows that their contributions really have a great and significant impact to the success and progress of companies employing their services. The companies employing them are really earning greater revenues because the need of paying medical insurance, paid holidays, life insurance and all the other typical things are gradually eliminated or at least minimized. That obviously translates an income on their part. Not only that, availing the services of a virtual assistant could help companies in unclogging its already clogged workload schedules. They also provide proper image building and promotion to reach more potential clients and at the same time upgrading the level of company goodwill. They help in promoting your sites to be more visible and recognizable, posting and publishing of useful articles and write ups, improving the looks of your page, creating flyers, leaflets and brochures to effectively promote your products, and such other functions and duties that would directly benefit the company. The company looking for  virtual assistants are indeed walking the right path and in no case will they get lost nor waste their time and money, considering the value of virtual assistants to their respective industry.

Taking heed therefore to the ad "we are looking for virtual assistants," there is only but one conclusion I can formulate. Employing a VA is an effective way of properly managing a business/company. Why? . . . Because part of good business strategy is the employment and utilization of proper tools and personnel that are helpful to the growth and progress of the company. And the employment of a virtual assistant, their good feedback as well as the successes they contribute to the company are not mere speculation but instead a fact supported by careful study and research. Employment of a virtual assistant cannot and should not be equated to redundancy. Instead, it is best described as effectivity making your way to the business world more noticeable, marketable, and most of all, profitable. Through this technique, one could assure himself that his business is indeed in good hands. One should worry no more on those things which are purely routine, for these things can be properly handled by a well-trained professional virtual assistant. You can now have a much better sleep at night, spend more time with your loved ones, and care much more of yourself.

Amiel always looking for virtual assistant
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Assistant

By Stella Ferrero

When a small business entrepreneur hires a virtual assistant, he or she adds an extra expense to budget. After adding this amount in the expense list, you want a service that can be really a worthy deal for your business growth. Hence, it's important for you to know, how you can make the best use of your virtual assistance service provider. Read on to stay updated and enjoy the best of your business.

First you need to understand, your virtual assistant is not only your personal secretary but also a professional who has a good understanding of your business requirements. Therefore, if you make your VA aware of all of your business needs, he or she will surely be employing services that will help you in enjoying a great business experience as well as giving an advanced age to it.

If you are opting for a virtual assistance service, your optimum requirement is 'the best utilization of your money." So, it becomes obvious, you look for a way that is cost-effective as well as impactful. How about hiring an online personal assistant on hourly wage? There are many Virtual Assistant service providers who offer their service on hourly rates. This is a great deal for those who want to accomplished loads of work under a tight budget. This aids you in getting a fast and accurate work.

If you really want a service worth for the money spent by you, you must offer some responsibility to your virtual personal secretary. This will help you in concentrating on your business and increasing the revenue count of your business, as your VA will be finishing the tasks, you used to do earlier.

A VA can handle numbers of tasks, as when you browse online sites of most of VA service providers, you find almost all of them offer an array of services. It is profitable for clients, as they may get their numerous assignments done at one place and paying for only VA. Nowadays many VA help you in Appointment scheduling, blog management, article writing, preparation of presentations, several document, planning of travel itinerary as well as sending you prompt alerts to keep your work schedule on track. If you hire a VA, you can ask him or her to do the entire tasks, which are mentioned in the provided service brochure. Employ your VA to offer you the epitome of benefits.

Written by Stella Ferrero, a staff writer for VAssist247. VAssist247 provides virtual assistant and personal assistant for small businesses and working professionals, services include appointment scheduling, telephone answering, internet research assistance, calendar, travel, document, presentation, spreadsheet, crm, blog and email management. Hire a Virtual Assistant from VAssist247 a team of professional and dedicated VA's.

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